by Al McDowell

The Cause of Gravity

New analysis of the experiments that are believed to prove the constant speed of light are shown instead to prove that light is conducted by an ether medium, disproving Relativity. Without the light speed limit, a gas of subatomic particles ("gravitons") traveling far faster than light is shown to produce the laws of gravity in the book Uncommon Knowledge by Al McDowell. 

A graviton leaving a glancing impact on a much larger particle of matter will leave the collision with spin that converts some of its kinetic energy into spin energy. When a spinning graviton strikes another larger particle, its lower velocity transfers relatively less force to that particle, giving it a net gravitational force toward the previous particle contacted by the graviton. The “field” of gravity consists of spinning gravitons with reduced velocity. Graviton spin is cancelled in collisions among gravitons, resetting the gravity mechanism.

Graviton spin enables gravity to operate without loss of energy to matter. Another graviton theory problem has been that large particles moving through a sea of smaller gravitons would normally lose energy through velocity reduction from the drag force of hitting particles more frequently and with more velocity in front of their path than behind. This would cause the world to run down as its kinetic energy transferred steadily from matter to the sea of invisible gravitons.

However, gravitons hitting the sides of moving larger ones are released after their time in the elastic collision at angles enough toward the rear from their approach angle to push the larger ones forward to offset exactly the drag from front and rear collisions. This occurs when the spring forces of the particles allow penetration depths of about 19% of the diameter of the larger particle. The astonishing ability of larger particles to coast through huge quantities of faster and smaller ones at constant velocity without loss of velocity or energy enables Newtonian mechanics to translate freely among frames of reference.

The derivation of gravity shows that the mass of each particle is proportional to its surface area, not its volume, indicating that the particles are hollow spheres. Gravitons and two sizes of larger aether particles that conduct electromagnetism all have the same kinetic energy in the aether frame of reference.  The depth of graviton collisions on larger ones is self-regulating.